Thursday, April 5, 2012

My birthday, Anniversary and the Most Important Job

I don’t know if this happen for someone before, but having your birthday, anniversary and getting the most important job in your live at the same day is strange.
Yes, that’s me… this all happened on April 5th: 

 I was born on April 5th 1967, that’s normal.. it could happen to anyone… it is an ordinary day.


 Getting ready for my wedding in 1992 on a Monday, we choose – me and my beloved wife- that day randomly, that’s when one of my 5 sisters asked me on Saturday before the wedding with 2 days; do you know what is Monday???? I replied: NO, what is Monday?? She answered stunned: it’s your birthday and your getting married on the same day. 

 On 2009 I was offered a job with DOS, not a big one, but it’s the one that I really liked, I had my interview on March, yes.. as you expected, I got the approval letter on I signed my contract on April 5th.
Other  miner things happened for me on this day, but these are the most important.

They say there are three milestone points in human live; birth, marriage and death.

So I expect to die on April 5th  also

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