Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Street Sweets for Sale

During my last stay in Iraq I was driving in the capital Baghdad, in the jam of the traffic light of Al-Hurria squire, waiting for the car in front of me move a bit by bit.

While I was waiting, I noticed a young boy trying to sell some Iraqi made sweets called Samsamiyah (made from sesame) to a beautiful girl in her car, the girl did not take the sweets from him and offered him some money just to help him, the amazing thing that he refused and moved away from her car mumbling.

Friday, February 3, 2012

Iraq Still on Embargo

Trying to buy something from the internet was allows a big concern for me, afraid of being scammed or my credit card number stolen. some websites seems to have a special mechanism to detect the location of the visitor, and build their actions based on that.

Within the few times that I failed to buy a product was when I encountered a website that after selecting my item, it gave me this message: