Friday, January 6, 2012

Arabs and Iraq

We still remember the fuss in the Arab TV news broadcasts and major newspapers headlines about the Iraqi sectarian violence and bombs which was showing disruptive mutilated picture in Iraq and showing only the negative side and discarding the accomplishments of the Iraqi people. The Arab media played a negative role when it did not take the truth side and did not act independently as the true media should be.

This was not unusual for us here in Iraq, because we were sure that the Arab regimes since the fall of Saddam regime has been working and through several methods to prevent the contagiously of the Iraq democratic experience from transferring to their countries, they've been trying fuel tribal, religious and sectarian conflicts between the Iraqi people to show the failure of the political process and to make Iraq reach a civil war state.
It is to frighten their people from the democracy ghost and show it as an unwanted goods and that it won't work in the Arab world, the Arab regimes wanted their people to reach a conclusion that a dictator is much better than a democracy stained with blood, and they wanted to make an example of Iraq.
As we all know that Iraq suffered of an organized terrorist attack led by Al-Qaeda, old Saddam supporters and militias targeting the Iraqi experience throughout killing, sectarian displacing, bombed cars, IED,s assassinations and many methods that needs planning, logistics and financial funding.
It is very important to know that these terrorism operations wouldn't have been succeeded if it hadn't got support from behind borders from Arabic and Regional countries that have been previously identified by security officials and by the Iraqi prime minister himself.
A lot of evidences filling the Iraqi criminal investigation offices with Arab national criminals confessions indicates that they had training in country (X) and they got funding from country (Y) and entered Iraq through country (Z) borders.
Today and after the fall of some of the Arabic dictatorship regimes, facts are starting to show specially about what has been revealed in Egypt about documents proving that the Egyptian government have been sending warriors to Iraq, other countries has more but it hasn’t got out yet.
Against our prophet Mohammad (peace upon him) saying "wish for your brother what you like for yourself". The Arab rulers wanted Iraq to become a blood bath through their continues support of destructive agendas and directing their media to mutilate the experiment, what caused what we can call a bad attitude aiming the Iraqis and their democracy, because of that an Iraqi cannot  find an Arabic person who listens to him talking about democracy or the old regimes unfairness. The attitude reached to a point of calling the Arab assassins who are killed in Iraq by the name of (Martyr) if so… what should we call the Iraqi children, women and old people victims who are killed by them.
Now, they are drinking from the same cup that they wanted Iraq to drink, democracy is coming for them as a flood., and they are going through in what Iraq has been through. Chaos, lack of security, burning, looting and of course the tyrants will have their own trials and get their share of justice like our old regime and rulers did.
Yes.. our Iraqi Democracy progress is slow, only because of the obstacles that our brothers and neighbors put in front of us, and now we have more experience than them, and we will be in the head of the race.
What will happen next?.... We will wait and see.

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