Wednesday, January 25, 2012

US Visit - Baghdad Airport

Baghdad Airport
It started when Mike, my old friend in the US sent me an invitation to the United States of America, this was a  promise that he made for me to make me see Xmas in the US, see the culture and most important thing is to explore some business opportunities to bring to Iraq.
Yes we want to get rich, why not? Everybody is trying.

The guy fulfilled his promise and booked the tickets for me after completing my Visa he sent them by email, backed my bag and left with a taxi to Baghdad airport. The taxi dropped me about 3 km from the front gate, transported by buses provided by the airport department stopping 2 times for passport check and personal search.

At the airport security was ridicules, personal check, dogs sniffing our luggage, scanned 3 times and they made us takeoff our belts and shoes two times, and most important thing, they confiscated my lighter leaving me with only the cigarette back. 

Hearing from friends and a previous experience, being a heavy smoker I had a backup plan, three lighters were in my luggage and two other one in my hand bag and the other was in my laptop.

Thinking " if the how airport security in Baghdad airport.... how security will be when I reach Washington ... maybe they will strip me Naked".

Finally... on the airplane.

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